We must make country a skillful and a super power. That is the heritage of Asia
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“Eventhough you have studied different subjects, you must necessarily coincide with the innovation economy. It is the heritage of Asia. Every country that had been developed up to now turned to powerful nations because they had clearly realized the power of information technology. The future of the world, building through technologycal innovations. Therefore, we the people in this country must make this a super power.” said the Minister of Power and Energy Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka. He expresses these views today (03) participating at a certificate awarding ceremony for students those who have completed the final stage of the Institute of AAT, held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall.

Speaking further Minister Ranawaka said,

“We all know how the human being is differentiating from other beasts. Out from about 80 million species, human is a different and a powerful creature. The main reason for that is the human creativity. Human being had made some innovations throughout the history of mankind including language, symbols, communication and accumulation of knowledge. Human beings were able to communicate the knowledge they gained generation to generation. Another innovation done by human is producing food through plants and trees. That is agriculture and through that people were able to create food as well as medicine. Another revolution of mankind is inventing energy. First he ruled the fire. With that innovation human being was able to mark a great breakthrough of energy.

It is reveled that average human needs 2060 kilo calories minimum for his daily living.Those who cannot afford to eat that amount is called the poor people. Sri Lanka has 6% poor families in this country. But in average, people enjoy 125 times of the life requirement. This amount is increasing without limitations. So we are facing an energy problem. There were no air-conditioned offices and houses in Sri Lanka before 20 years. But today, air conditionning has become essential. 40% of the electricity generated today, use for air conditionning
The other most important thing that human created is the money. Nowadays each and every value of our lives is gradually being adapted to the money. The next important feature of human creativity is the politics. Creatation of a state, formal legislative system, formal administration and education are needed for human living.That means the human is not being able to live freely like other animals.
We recognize this era as the era of information technology. We should take pride about our nation. Our language has been lasted as long as 6000 years. However, we have a history of excellent storage of the language. The computer can be described as a massive leap forwards towards data storage. Even today, there are about 20 million phones in our children’s hands. Today, the data storage capacities in computers are doubling every 18 month.

In early days, the knowledge was limited only to the males and also confined to developed industrial countries. But today, the limits have been expanded. Also today, our communication has become revolutionized. Storage of data and communication has been integrated and a massive development had occurred.At the same time the innovation economy has come forward. It is based on the information technology”. he said.
A large number of participants included teachers, students of AAT attended this occasion.