Human being may become extinct in another 200 years if environment pollution has not been stopped
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“Those days we didn’t have motor vehicles so we used to walk. Today we didn’t have such difficulties. Today, people are having motor vehicles. At present 5.5 million families living in Sri Lanka and there are 6.0 million vehicles. In the past people were in the habit of going to sleep by 7 o’clock in the night. But today people are not like that. Lives of people had been revolutionized due to the introduction of new energy sources. But the world’s oil reserves are close to exhaust. Thus our children have to live in a world without fossil oil.

If we don’t have a proper plan we will face big issues regarding the energy. Emission of carbon takes place due to the burn up of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and LP gas. The carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere around the earth. As a result, the global temperature goes up. It creates droughts, heavy rains, earthquakes as well as melting down of snow in the polar region. As a result of the melting snow, the level of sea goes up creating the sea erosion. If we don’t try to stop this process by now, in another 200 years the human beings may become extinct.

Therefore, in this environment day we must determine to enter into a process of protecting the entire ecosystem including the human being without limiting our efforts only to planting of trees and protecting of animals” said Mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka, the minister of power and energy at a commemoration program of the environment day held at Ananda College Colombo. Minister Ranawaka further expressing his views in the occasion said,

“Today, conservation of environment is a complex subject. We are thinking that environment gets protected when we protect and plant trees. But protecting environment is something more humanitarian things that extend beyond. Human being is different from other animals because of the creativity. There are about 8 million living species in the world. Human is only one of them. Human created a language and symbols to communicate. Today, the whole world had networked through it. The symbolic language invented in the caves had spread out throughout the world. This is a giant leap of the human being. Another important thing man has done was the finding of the food and the medicine required for themselves through the plants and trees of the forest. We Sri Lankans can be proud of being the first nation that started growing grains for living. The man who found food from the forest changed to eat grain and fruits cultivated by them. Another creation of mankind is the fire. The man who found fire had continued to invent many things. By today, they have created an energy driven world mainly through fossil fuels. We need 2060 Kilo Calories per day to live. But we are using 125 times energy a day by now.

I request you to save energy in every household in this month of energy conservation. We are going to set off the electricity bill free if people saved 20% of their monthly electricity usage. We’ll give prized for the drivers who save fuel in their vehicles. At the same time while we conserve energy, the time has come to divert for other energy sources,” he added.