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The Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (LECO) is keenly aware of the engineering and operational challenges faced by the electricity distribution sector and understands that a collective effort should be made in consultation with other state stakeholders to clearly identify bottlenecks that inhibit further development of the distribution sector and framework efficient, high impact responses.  It believes that despite the fact that it has been working on creative, innovative and customer centric service solutions over the last three decades, it is high time to conduct a SWOT of the company in order to future proof its operations and its service.

In order to address these issues, a symposium “Successes and Challenges in the Electricity Distribution Sector” was organized by LECO bringing together the crème de la crème of policy planners, engineers, regulators , professional bodies, academics and donors from the Ministry of Power and Energy, LECO, the CEB, PUCSL, SLSEA, AEA, SLEMA, CPC, ADB and the academia from Universities.

This symposium was held on 23rd April 2015 at the Kingsbury Hotel, whereby the keynote was given by Prof. Priyantha Wijethunga, Principal Energy Specialist of the Asian Development Bank.

The symposium found innovative, progressive solutions to the challenges faced by consumer services, management and value addition while valuable contributions from researchers were discussed. Additionally, future study areas for optimizing distribution services were also discussed. Two plenary sessions were held with the attendees discussing a wide range of practical issues.