An institution will be established to strategically act upon energy sector including electricity and petroleum
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“We are proud to maintain the institutions of Sri Lanka related to petroleum and electricity still in the public sector without privatizing them. Meanwhile, we must find a way to implement a new management process to control all these institutions together under one umbrella to find out the prevailing irregularities and to win the challenges ahead.” Mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka the minister of power and energy said while addressing the employees of the Ministry of Power and Energy.

The Minister further stated “Sri Lanka should extract oil and natural gas from its own gas and petroleum deposits. But it is a process involve with high risk. Countries like Indonesia, USA and Russia faced the same challenge and were very successful. Not only have the power sector but also the future of the country also depended on this oil and gas exploration”. The minister wished all employees working under the ministry of power and energy, to have strength, and determination to create a revolution in the energy sector.

Senior officials and the employees of the ministry of power and energy, and other affiliated entities participated the event.