Minister of Power and Energy Mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka assumed duties
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Minister of Power and Energy Mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka assumed duties in the auspicious time at the Petroleum Ministry, Flower Road, Colombo 07. Mr. Palitha Rangebandara assumed duties as the state minister of the ministry.

Assuming duties of his portfolio minister Ranawaka said, “All the institutions that related to the power sector will be taken under a one ancestral home.  The power and energy sector plays a major role in the country’s economy. Therefore actions will be taken to operate them in a solid basis to establish the energy security of the country.

The Minister  further  said that,  a new price formula for electricity and fuel will be introduce soon to help out general public to have a minimal cost while the high users to pay more according to their usage.

“We had to put our utmost effort to redeem our Power and the Oil sector from invisible force of racketeers until now. But in the future will not allow those racketeers to make any influence to the energy sector. Integrating the past, current and future together, Corruptions, frauds and Malpractices thet happened in the past will be inquired and steps will be taken to stop such things according to the verdict given by the majority of people. The mandate of the people given will be used with utmost respect and secure manner”, he added.

Mr. Palitha Rangebandara assumed duties as the state minister at the ministry of power and energy on the auspitious time 12.05 noon. He said it is a fortune to work under the minister Patali Champika Ranawaka where there are many corrupted politicians. Mr. Bandara said that he will dedicate himself to make the country a better place avoiding the corruptions and malpractices while keeping an eye on people who help them.