The sri lanka electricity board will no longer be an institution of debt
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Hon Minister of Power & Energy, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Attorney at Law, stated that the CEB  will not be an institution  riddled with  Debt burdens any more and that it  has now transformed itself to a  people friendly institution serving the people, under the  able and far seeing leadership of His Excellency President Mahinda Rajaapakse. She stated this when  she attended the ceremony to handover the concessionary loans   to get electricity connections for the houses  of  low income families which started from the Ratnapura  district.  This inauguration ceremony to hand over the concessionary loans, to low income families,  washeld at the Auditorium of the  Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, andwas attended  by about 1300 Low income families. 

Under  the concept of Mahinda Chinthana to ensure  the upliftment of low income village families, the  Ceylon Electricity Board, under the direction of the Ministry of Power and Energy too,  has launched many schemes. Under this scheme a maximum amount of Rs. 40,000  will be given as a concessionary loan to be paid within 6 years, under an instalment scheme , which includes the electricity bill. The fist  phase of  this scheme has been launched for the low income families in the Hambantota,, Ampara and Ratnapura  districts. It is expected to grant this concessionary loan to about 47,000 low income families in the island. 

Speaking further at this inauguration ceremony the Hon Minister if Power and Energy,  Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Attorney at Law stated that  in order  to speed up the  programme to provide electricity to all households  in the inland, this concessionary loan scheme was introduced and inaugurated under the guidance and advice  of  His Excellency  the President, Mahinda Rajapakse. The Hon Minister, Pavithra Wanniarachchi also stated that  the present government is the only government who considered that, it is a basic Human right to provide electricity to the people.  Participating in the ceremony, the Hon Minister, Pavithra Wanniarachchi  stated” My father is a person who suffered a lot and came up in life. He has always told us that we should think from the  small man’s angle and to take decisions accordingly. Therefore, irrespective of which Ministry I undertake to serve, I shall always think from the angle of the poor, and the small man’s angle of  thinking who are always from our class. 

When I first took over the Ministry  of Power and Energy the rule at that time was, even though there is electricity in  the village,  the public had to spend out of their pocket to install the power poles if they wish to get  electricity for their  homes. But I changed this rule. I took a practical decision that just as much electricity is given to the village, the onus to fix an electricity pole  in front of the house,  should be vested with the Ceylon Electricity Board. 

At that time Hon. President gave me the responsibility of providing electricity to all households by end of 2014. What we understood, when we went to the villages was that eventhough  electricity had come to the village,  it was difficult to get the electricity to the house from the pole, due to the poverty of our people. Some people did not have enough  money even to  get the wiring installed in their house. There was no body or no institution to  lend them the money for this purpose. It was while looking for a solution for this problem that we came  up with this idea to  get the Electricity Board to bear the cost of wiring and the cost of installing the electricity Pole in front of the house and to recover this money, along with the  electricity bill ,  in 72 monthly installments  in 6 years, without any interest and thus providing  electricity to the  people. 

We should be grateful to our President for  giving the necessary advice and guidance for this practical solution. We should be grateful to our President, who is like a loving father  to our people. I was able to convert the Ceylon Electricity Board to a Profit making institution. Today the Ceylon  electricity Board has become a profit making institution,  when it was a black listed company in the  COPE report some time back. It has become an institution which is not a burden to the country. The Officers of the Ceylon Electricity Board  who assisted me in this venture should earn the accolades of the entire nation. The Ceylon Electricity Board will not be a loss making institution from this point onwards.  Today, the Ceylon Electricity Board has become a profit making institution because of the far seeing policies of the Hon. President. This is a major victory for us. 

Electricity is a wonderful thing. Today every nook and corner of Sri Lanka has electricity. We  will be able to   supply 100%  electricity by the end of this year to the country.Even in countries in this region, such as  India, Nepal, Pakistan and China there is no 100% electricity supply. However the Hon. President gave me this target. When I told this to my officers they took all measures to achieve this target.  There was an electricity cut in 1980/90. Electricity was cut in 2002- 2004 too.  I was able to make this the only country, in this region which had no electricity cuts but supplied electricity without any interruption. I was able to garner the full support of all the officers and workers of the Electricity Board. Your child should not be in the same place as you are any longer. Through the  supply of electricity, your child should be able to achieve great heights. Through this your child should be able to continue his studies and education without any interruption. Therefore through the decision, by the Electricity Board  to  give this concessionary loan to you, your lives will be  so much more  stable and lit up, stated the Hon. Minister. 

Attending this occasion was Mr. Kanchana Jayaratne, Chairman of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, vice chairman of the Ceylon Electricity board Mr. KapilaPerera, General Manager of the CEB Mr. Shavindranath Fernando, and all Senior officials of the Ceylon  Electricity Board  and  members of the Provincial and  Pradesheeya Sabhas of the Ratnapura District.  Chairman of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, Mr. Kanchana Jayaratne, Sabaragamuwa Provincial  Minister Ranjith Bandara, Vice Chairman of the Ceylon electricity Board , Prof. Kapila Perera, General Manager Mr. shavindranath Fernando are also in the picture.