Development of infrastructure development in and around kitulgala area in accordance with the broadlands hydropower project
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A special discussion was held on 25th May 2014 at the Yatiyantota Pradesheeya Sabha to discuss the progress and development of the infra structure facilities in the Kitulgala area using the Broadlands Hydropower Project.
This discussion was chaired by Hon. Pavithra Wanniarachchi- Attorney at Law and Minister of Power and Energy. It was decided that the Kitulgala area to be developed as a tourist hub and to develop the Kitulgala area as major tourist attraction. Also, a Hydro Power Museum too to be set up concurrently in this area while the access roads to the Hydro Power station also to be widened and developed while electricity and drinking water too will be made available.
In addition, this area has been demarcated to be developed as an environmentally friendly zone. It has also been decided to organize the rafting and other water sports associated with the Kelani river which flows through this area. It has been decided to provide all assistance that is required to carry out these water sports in a more organized and professional manner.
Steps will be taken to restore the “bridge’, which was used in the famous film “ Bridge on the river Kwai” to its original state to attract the attention of the tourists.
During this discussion Hon. Pavithra Wanniarachchi – Attorney at Law , stated that through the Broadlands Development Project, she would like to see the people of the area benefitting, in addition to the generation of electricity by the Broadlands Project. This is the sole expectation of the Government too.

While the construction of the Broadlands Hydropower project started last year, it is expected to be completed by the year 2017. The electricity generated by this will be MW 35. It has been estimated that the project will cost US $ 85 Million.
Also associated at the discussion was Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, – Hon. Minister of Telecom and Information Technology, Mr. W. B Ganegala – Chairman, Ceylon Electricity Board, Mr. Thusitha P.Wanigasinghe- divisional Secretary Kegalle, Ms. Chandima Sigera, Divisional Secretary, Yatiyantota, many Government officials and a large group of the residents of the area too participated.