Sri Lanka is way ahead in power and energy management and preservation
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Among the developing countries Sri Lanka holds the leading position when it comes to minimising the losses that occurs during power transmission and distribution, claims the minister of power and Energy Attorney Pavithra Wanniarachchi.

She pointed out that in keeping with the Mahinda Chinthanaya vision it has made it possible to maintain power and energy principles in a systematic and efficient manner. She said that as a country this achievement is a significant accomplishment.

She made these comments addressing the Power and Energy managers’ 28th annual conference on 26th July 2013 at the Colombo Kingsbury Hotel.

The aim of the Mahinda Chinthanaya vision was to reduce the losses that takes place during Power transmission and distribution to 12% by 2016. But we have succeeded in surpassing that target and curtailing the losses to 11.5%. However we have managed to reach that goal due to the proper and superior level of management. The minister further stated that in addition to the guidelines that are provided to the consumers for proper power management, we need to go beyond that and further strengthen the power management drive.

The minister said that the Public Utilities Commission has informed of the need to maintaining the efficiency of operation CEB and the private sector power stations on a regular basis
She further stated that by maintaining these measures, the ministry of power and energy will be able to further reduce the transmission losses to 9%.

Among the distinguished gathering were the Chairman of the Power and Energy Manager’s Association Licensed Engineer Ananda Namal and its Chairman Dr. Mohan Munasinghe and many scholars.