Giving tremendous strengths to the national power system construction of Broadlands  Hydro Power plant is commenced.
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All provisions have been made to commence the construction of Hydro Power Plant on 15th July 2013 making the reality of MhindaChinthanaForview.

Under the directing of He the president MahindaRajapaksha ,with the invitation of Pavthra Devi Wanniacrachchi Minister of Power and Energy (attorney at law) and under the patronage of  Basil Rajapaksha Minister of Economic Development  will lay the foundation at the auspicious time of 11.00am 15th July 2013 in Broadland, Polpitiya, Kithulgala. 35 mw of capacity is added to the National Power System by the Broadland Hydro Power Plant daily and its annual power generation is 126 gw.

The total expenditure of the project is us$ 82 Million  and , 15% of the Expenditure will be met locali and balance 85% by the Commerce and Trade Bank in China.

With the commencement of Broadlands Hydro Power plant, all infrastructures which is related to the living such as supplying water are expected to improve. It has been planned to create suburb area of the Power Plant in a manner of increasing the attraction of local and foreign tourists. Due to the implementation of Broadland Hydro Power Plant, there will be direct and indirect employment.

The work field of the dam is belonged to the Nuwaraeliya district and the work field of the Power plant is belonged to the Kegalle district. Accordingly, the dam is constructed in Broadland, Plopitiya, which is belonged to Ambagamuwa divisional secretariat, the Power Plant will be constructed Kohulathenna, Kithulgala, which is belonged to the Kithulgala divisional secretarial. This is another external Power plant.

The hydro source of the project is Maskeliya and Kehelgamuoya, which are two main branches of the Kelani River. Based on Maskeliyaoya, the main dam will be constructed and its height is 24 m, length is 114 m, the length of the main tunnel is 3.5km and diameter is 5.4 m. The outstanding feature of Braodland Power Plant is blocking Kehelgamuoya, water is carried to maskeliyaoya. For this a turning dam will be constructed and its height is 19m and the length is 48m. The length of the turning tunnel is 850m.

Pavthra Devi Wanniacrachchi Minister of Power and Energy (attorney at law) says that with the construction of Broadland Hydro Power Plant, by the extra capacity of 35mw of power, which is to be added to the National Power system, the 94% power supply of the population will be increased into further percentage.

The minister expects to complete this new power plant based on the theme of “Electricity for all at all time”.