Investment Opportunities for Sri Lanka in the Nigerian Energy Sector.
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The Nigerian Government says Sri Lanka has opportunities for investing in the energy sector of Nigeria.

This was emphasized at a discussion on 03 July 2013 in the Ministry of Power and Energy between Sri Lankan Nigerian ambassador, His Excellency, Femi akeion Rotimi and the Minister of Power & Energy Hon. Pavithra Wanniarachchi (Attorney at law). Nigerian ambassador said that small and medium scale investors can assist in the process of power generation in his country.

His exellency, Femi Akeion Rotimi said that the technology of small scale hydro power is at a high level in Sri Lanka and it is suitable for exchanging the technological knowledge. Moreover he said that, since there are hundreds of hydro sources which hydropower can be generated in his country, a good opportunity can be offered for the Sri Lankan investors. The ambassador further stated to strengthen the existing relationship between the two countries, a broad discourse is going to be commenced.

Sri Lanka has stepped for a rapid development under the leadership of the HE the president Mahinda Rajapaksha ,Minister of Power & Energy explained. The Minister further said that there is a considerable development in the field of energy and 94% of the population of Sri Lanka has accomplished the requirement of electricity and the government’s intention is to broaden it up to 100% in the upcoming year.