Commitment and dedicated service of employees required to transform C.E.B in to an efficient public company.
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Addressing a CEB employees gathering the minister said that the employees support was vital in order to resurrect the CEB from its current position as a company registering losses. She further added that the CEB had registered Rs. 68 billion in losses during last year, and it is anticipated that this year the losses could be even higher. Among the factors that contributes to the losses is the increasing production costs and pilfering of electricity. However minister Wanniarachchi assured the consumers that she will not allow the burden of losses to be put on their shoulders. She made this comment during the celebrations organised on 07 Feb when she assumed duties as the new Minister of Power and Energy.

Speaking further she said that the CEB is a company that provides the general public a vital service, adding that the CEB need not be transformed into a profit making venture, but a company that breaks even. During the past period the CEB had to endure severe losses due to the drought, rising cost of oil. “The most cost effective power generating source is water, but currently there is a shortage of water in the catchment areas. Therefore it is vital that we turn to renewable energy sources in order to minimise our production costs. We should also device methods of minimising power piracy and also encourage consumers to use electricity sparingly,” she added.

The minister said that her primary responsibility was to provide an efficient and continues electricity supply to the general public. In order to achieve this goal, the commitment of the CEB employees is vital, she said. She told the employees that in order to transform the CEB into an efficient and courteous public company their committed and dedicated service was of utmost importance.

The secretary of the ministry of power and energy M.H.C Fernando, Advisor Professor K.K.Y.W. Perera, The GM of the CEB Nihal Wimalasooriya and the Chairman of the Ratnapura Provincial Council Kanchana Jayaratne together with a large gathering of CEB employees participated in this occasion.