“Gamma Radiation Technology to be used in Industrial and agricultural sector”
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The Atomic Energy Authority is to utilize Gamma Irradiation technology to increase the income of large and small scale exporters of agricultural products and other industries.
Applications of gamma radiation is being used for a variety of important uses such as medical product sterilization, microbial dis-infestations of food products and spices, radiation preservation of food and for development of new industrial materials. In addition to commercial operation, the plant will also be available for research & development activities, of National Universities & other Research Institutions.
Taking the advantages of gamma radiation technology into consideration A Multi Purpose Gamma Irradiation facility (MGIF) is being constructed at the Biyagama Export Processing Zone, and is expected to be open to Sri Lankan Industrialists in June, said the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority Dr. Ranjith Wijewardena addressing a seminar for those directly involved in obtaining this technology, in Colombo on Tuesday (15).
A special lecture on Gamma Radiation Technology was delivered by a specialist in this field Dr. Iwona Kaluska of the International Atomic Energy Authority.
More than hundred participants had registered for the work shop from different disciplines including Manufacturers and exporters from the medical sector, food sector, spices and herbs sector, tea sector, researchers and rubber glove manufacturers.
Objectives of the operation of MGIF

• Establishment of new industries which require gamma sterilization

• Value addition to the products that are now exported in the unsterilized condition and increase foreign exchange.

• Securing better international markets for local products such as spices and sea food.

• Increase the level of sterility of medical items used in the health care sector while reducing the importing costs for the sterile medical products to the country.

• Prepare the local industry to phase out chemicals that are used for chemical sterilization

• Development of new industrial raw materials such as radiation vulcanized natural rubber latex.

• Assisting small and medium enterprises to start industries that require gamma sterilization.

• Attract foreign investors to invest in the country and utilize the services provided by the MGIF

The facility will provide

• Irradiation services for sterilization of rubber surgical gloves

• Irradiation services for sterilization of other medical products such as syringes, catheters, sterile dressings, IV infusion solutions (assuming new industries will be established for production of such products)

• Irradiation services for spices

• Irradiation services for food products etc…