Climate parliamentarians meet in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka
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World climate changes analyzed critically
Renewable energy considered in place of fossil fuels

Sri Lanka hosted the climate parliament meeting to discuss about the world climate changes and
promote renewable energy. The meeting was held at Hotel Blue Waters, Wadduwa on 16 th November
with the participation of parliamentarians from Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries. Minister of
Power and Energy, Patali Champika Ranawaka attended the meeting as chief guest.

Climate parliament, an initiative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) consists of an
international network of legislators, who are working worldwide to act against the climate change. The
meeting was focused on cutting down the carbon emissions and increasing the potential of sustainable

The minister addressing the assembly said that the predictions made over 20 years ago about world
climate changes have become 100% true as per today. He further highlighted the importance of
developing a global political strategy for tackling the world climate change, as it will be a faster and
more definite approach to achieve international progress in environment and energy conservation.

The world is running at a rapid pace towards economic development today, resulting in the excessive
use of natural resources and hence the release of more carbon dioxide and waste products to the
nature. The use of fossil fuels is increasing day by day proportionate to the development procedure,
increasing the risk of climate changes in the world. This phenomenon is common to developing
countries as well as the developed countries, regardless of their economic status or political views, said
the minister.

The minister invited the parliamentarians from Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh, Africa and Middle
Eastern countries to give priority to the use of renewable energy in their countries, contributing to
minimizing the threat to the world climate. He further suggested that developing a regional electricity
grid that allows sharing of energy between neighboring countries should be considered as a solution
to these emerging problems. The meeting was attended by 5 parliament members of Sri Lanka
representing the major political parties.