“America plays a major role in environmental crises’ says minister Patali Champika Ranawaka”
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“While we grieve the misery of several millions of Americans hit by the ruthless cyclone we cannot

overlook the major role played by America in changing the world climate and weather patterns. Sandy
super storm showed the world that even the most powerful giant in world economy, technology and
development can be held down by the power of nature” said the minister of power and energy Patali
Champika Ranawaka at an award ceremony of the Ceylon Electricity Board.

The minister further said that the global warming condition is drastically increased due to the excessive
use of fossil fuels including crude oil, coal and natural gases by the so called developed countries. He
also predicted that if this consumption pattern is continued further, hundreds to thousands of cyclones
of similar nature are to be expected within the coming two decades.

Further, he mentioned if failed to shut down the coal power plants in the world by 2030, each and
every country will have to face natural catastrophes such as severe droughts, heavy rain, floods and
earthquakes capable of instant destruction of the country. According to the minister, turning towards
regenerative power is the sole method to overcome this dilemma. The progress made by Sri Lanka as a
country in above respect was praised by the minister.

The event saw the participation of CEB employees in numbers, including the vice chairman Mr. Anura
Wijepala and general manager Mr. Nihal Wickramasooriya.