“LECO Projects introduces a new series of surge protectors”
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A recent study by LECO Projects, a subsidiary of Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt) Limited has emphasized that the lightning threat has increased in parallel to the current weather condition placing the electric circuits and appliances at a high risk of damage. Head of engineering unit, LECO Projects Dr. Narendra De Silva has pointed out that a similar risk may occur in high voltage atmospheres even without a lightning condition. As a result of comprehensive research on the above subject LECO Projects had invented 04 new surge protectors which were introduced to the minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka on 24th October.
According to the project manager Mr. Anushka Kumarasinghe, the introduced surge protectors are designed to safeguard single phase circuits, three phase circuits, multipurpose circuits and telephone and internet connections. He further guarantees that this new series of protectors designed using the local engineering technology will provide effective shielding for home and workplace electric appliances under any condition.
A powerful electric current generated due to the static instability created by charge distribution within a cloud is identified as lightning. This is a natural phenomenon which has always been beyond the control of humans. It is also predicted that compared to the European countries Sri Lanka is at a higher risk of facing the occurrence of lightning strikes without rain. Considering the above factors, Dr. Narendra De Silva highlights the importance of using effective lightening conductors and surge protectors to minimize the damages as well as the death rate caused by lightning. He further assures that the newly introduced surge protectors are of higher technology and better efficiency compared to the protective devices which are currently available.
The electricity consumers now have the opportunity to purchase the above items from island wide service centres of Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt) Limited or LECO head office. Inquiries can be made over telephone through 011-2301399.
(Please contact Mr. Shiran Dias, Chief executive officer, LECO Projects- 0716820145 for voice records or further details)