“Electricity demand dropped by 30% due to heavy rain”
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The recent weather condition with cyclonic rains had resulted in a 30% drop in the daily electricity demand according to the system control centre reports from Ceylon Electricity Board. The reports stated that reduced usage of electric fans and air conditioners during the cold climate associated with continuous rain had a direct impact on the above factor. CEB further declared that the restricted usage of television and other electric appliances due to the lightening effects in the past few days also contributed to the drop in the electricity demand.
The average daily electricity demand which is 36 GWh under normal conditions had been reported to fall below 26 GWh within 03 days in early October. Moreover reports indicated the highest daily inflow to the reservoirs on 01st October. While the water levels in Castlereagh, Maussakele and Kotmale reservoirs had reached up to overflow level, Victoria, Randenigala and Rantambe were still reported to show a lower water level at 30% of the total capacity.