Container found to have radiation detained by customs
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Atomic Energy Authority commence investigations

tests confirmed  Cobalt 60 radioactive substances

Goods banned from being sold  locally

A 40 foot container which arrived in the country on 13 September from India was found to contain radioactive substances. The Customs confirmed that the container was stocked with 125 sets of aluminium house hold utensils. The container which was put through a radiation test of the equipment installed at the port, under the supervision of the Atomic Energy Authority made the initial detection.

However last afternoon (14) a special team of the Atomic Energy Authority Radiation safety and regulation division subjected the container to special tests. Samples obtained from the container were hence sent for examination at the AEA lab. The test had confirmed that the samples contained Cobalt 60, an artificial radioactive substance used for the control of cancer.

Currently the container is stored in a special area  in the port under the supervision of the AEA. Meanwhile test are being conducted to determine if all the goods in the container contains radioactive substances. However the AEA has issued instructions to the customs to prevent these items reaching the local market. The chairman of the AEA Dr. Ranjith Wijewardena said that the customs was informed to provide information to the AEA regarding the Indian company that manufactured and distributed these goods.

Meanwhile the deputy director of the AEA radioactive protection and regulatory division Anil Ranjith stated that the Indian and International Atomic Energy Agencies have been notified, and measures are being taken to send the container back to India. He further stated that all measures are in place to prevent radiation contaminated goods from being brought into the country.