Electricity scheme for 48 Estate families in Dodangoda Kaluthara.
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Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka erected the first lamp post on 26.02.11 to inaugurate the Nainna, Hidaraliyawatte electricity scheme in Dodangoda, Kaluthara. The minister has instructed officials to provide these residents electricity within a month.

This scheme was constructed at a cost of  Rs. 7 million, and would cater to the electricity needs of around 200, from 48 families. This scheme will no doubt be an asset to the daily activities of these Tamil residents who have never had the privilege of electricity before.

Meanwhile Minister Ranawaka addressing the people in the Thudugala town stated that By December 2012 the whole country will have electricity. He further state that for those who have financial restraints, loans of Rs. 30,000 will be granted through “Viduli Athwela”. He said that while the government is engaged in developing the country certain jealous elements are protesting. He said that certain elements  are taking to political stages with coconuts, and demanding price reductions in coconuts and other commodities.

He said he remembers R. Premadasa complaining about the price of coconuts in 1977, but when they came to power they were unable to bring down prices too. This he said is due to the inadequate supply to meet the demand.

The Minister said that some believe floods were due to a curse. The minister queried if the floods in Australia and earthquakes in New Zealand are also due to a curse. He said these are natural disasters. But we can make a difference on the 17th of March. Minister Ranawaka urged the people to consider themselves, their village, their country and make the right decision, as it is our duty to do so.