In Comparison with other countries Lankan women in good position
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Today there is worldwide issues where women have not been given their due place in society. Addressing the School Parliament student felicitation ceremony, at Vishaka Vidyalaya today (09-03-11) Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka said that in comparison with Asian region countries, women in Sri Lanka have established themselves in all fields, on par with men.

According to a circular issued to all schools in 2006, Vishaka Vidyalaya established it’s Student Parliament consisting of 95 members including a Prime Minister and Speaker last year. While Sarani Gunatillake was elected as the Prime Minister in 2010, Ramesha Nirmali was elected Prime Minister this year with the majority of votes. The main objective of this parliament which operates under 10 government ministries is to develop the personality of the children. Last year students were awarded certificates. The significance of the Vishaka Vidyalaya Parliament is that it is the first among Colombo Schools.

Minister Ranawaka stated that the Parliament is the epitome of democracy in the country. He said the first thing that comes to mind when we think of women is tenderness and sensitivity. But he said that this situation has completely changed now. In some countries even the birth of a female child is viewed as a bad omen. But in Sri Lanka women enjoy a prime position in comparison with other countries.