No threat to Sri Lanka from Japan’s Nuclear Power plant explosions.
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The Atomic Energy Authority has pointed out that the radiation leak at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan after the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami on the 11th of march will not affect Sri Lanka.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo today its Chairman Dr. Wimaladharma Abeywickrema said that the International Atomic Energy Agency had not intimated to Sri Lanka about any harmful effect. He said they were frequently in contact with the International Agency in Vienna. He emphasized that there was no need for the people to panic. he stated that although no emergency regulations were taken in countries such as China, Taiwan and Russia, an emergency situation has only been declared in South Korea.

With fears of radiation  being carried along the wind to other nations, Prof. Abeywickrema added that experts have revealed that the wind will carry any hazardous pollutants across the Pacific ocean while Sri Lanka will not be affected by this situation. The Atomic Energy Authority is constantly in contact with International Atomic Energy Agency and will warn the public if there is any threat to Sri Lanka.The Power and Energy Ministry meanwhile stated that in view of the numerous false emails and sms messages that have been circulating regarding the incident, the public can get accurate information by visiting or calling 2533449.