300 MW added to the National Grid
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The Lakvijaya Coal Power station in Puttlam, which for many years was limited to only a proposal on paper, was finally inaugurated by the President, and eventually handed over to the public in all its glory yesterday. (2011.03.22)

Highlighting false Environmental issues for political advantage, this coal power station had been abandoned by previous governments, but under the leadership of President Rajapakse construction work commenced in 2006. The Ministry of Power and Energy stated that this Coal Power station which is constructed in 2 stages will add 300 MW to the National Grid under the first stage and 600 MW under the second stage.

Addressing the Nation on this historic occasion President Rajapakse stated that today we have the privilege of partaking in the long awaited victory. From 2005 our people were able to hear the good news of victory. Lakvijaya Coal Power Station no doubt is a prominent factor in this victory. If a country is to develop, it’s inevitable that the people should also prosper. It is very clear that the road to development of a nation rides on people’s access to electricity. Electricity to a Nation bears emence Power. Only Power can energies a lethargic country. According to Buddhism providing electricity is similar to giving sight to the blind. Therefore it is very clear of how important electricity is to us.

Previous regimes put aside Proposals for Coal Power generation for fear of losing elections, but we are ready to take any decision for the betterment of the country steadfastedly. That is why we commenced this Power station even amidst great opposition. Today we are able to stop for breath after that long and arduous journey. Furthermore we are taking measures to complete Upper Kothmale, and Broadland Power stations within the next few years. We are the only nation in the Asian region to provide electricity to our people 24 hours a day without interruptions.

Addressing the Gathering Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that this Coal Power plant which was a solution to the electricity needs of a growing population was tossed in all directions by the previous regimes from 1989 -2006. Finally The President took control and completed the construction of this coal Power station thus we are able to witness this historic event today.

The Brave soldiers were able to retrieve the country from the cruel clutches of terrorism. Enhancing that victory, today Lakvijaya has added to that triumph. Due to the CEB’s inability to implement long term strategies on time it was forces into a dark era, but today that dark era has ended. In 2014 another 600 MW will be added to the National Grid. The shadows of darkness will thus no longer befall this country. We salute the everyone who shouldered the responsibility of seeing this project through. We also acknowledge with gratitude the dedicated service of the Chinese company of the Chinese government.

The CEB which was receiving the people’s resentment is now slowly regaining its status. This Coal Power station Lakvijaya is no doubt a tremendous asset in the drive to provide electricity to every village in this country. Our rural folk are now in a position to bid farewell to the bottle lamp.

At this day and age it is not practical to rely solely on one form of power generation. Therefore we have implemented several renewable power generation projects to deal with the growing energy requirements of the future. We have already commenced projects to generate power utilising Liquid gas, Coal, Wind Power, Solar Power and wave power.

Among the distinguished guests to grace this occasion were ministers, High ranking officials of the Power and Energy sector and many others.