Reduction in Electricity bills only possible through Power Conservation.
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If the right decisions were made then there would be significant progress in the Power and Energy sector today.

Minister of Power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka addressing an Energy conservation conference attended by the employees of Sri lankan Catering at the Airport Premises, said that if appropriate action was taken by the former administrators, many difficulties faced by the power and Energy sector could have been averted.

This conference was organised on the instructions of the Minister of Power and Energy on the methods of conserving energy and the benifits both to individuals and the power and energy sector. This conference targeting the Sri LAnkan Catering staff was the 3rd conference in the series. Prior to this two other conferences were held at the World Trade Centre and Blood Bank.

Minister Ranawaka Addressing the gathering said:

“We all want lower electricity charges. With the prevailing economic situation it has become a difficult task to pay the electricity bills. But if is within the consumers ability to reduce the electricity charges as well. The consumer can reduce their electricity bills by a vast margin by simply understanding the ways and importance of using electricity sparingly.

This in turn will benifit both the consumer and benifit the country as a whole”.

Around 150 employees of Sri Lankan Catering participated in this conference.