By increasing energy efficiency and minimizing wastage there could be a significant reduction in Power Bills.
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We all would like to have to pay less for our electricity consumption. Considering the cost of living today, it is increasingly difficult for us to meet our electricity costs, but is is within the ability of the consumer to minimize their power bills through the use of electricity sparingly. Through the careful consumption of electricity you could save a considerable amount of money. Accordingly you not only save your own money but also contribute to the progress of the country’s power and energy sector progress as well.

The Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka made these comments addressing the staff of the Bank of Ceylon Headquarters at a workshop on the topic of  “conservation of power”

This workshop was organized by the Renewable Energy Authority with the aim of reducing the cost of electricity bills. This workshop is the 4th in a series targeting both the private and state sector. Prior to this workshop three other workshops were held for the staff at the world trade center, Sri Lankan Catering and the blood bank.
Addressing the workshop Minister Ranawaka said that if the authorities of the past had acted with responsibility and proper planning, we would not be facing the issues we are encountering today. But he said that in spite of all these obstacles we are the only country in south Asia to provide uninterrupted electricity 24 hours a day. Our neighboring country India has 6-7 hour power cuts daily, while Nepal is reported to experience 16 hour power interruptions. The minister said that taking all these factors into consideration is is fair to say that Sri Lanka is a leader in this field.

Around 350 Bank of Ceylon Headquarters employees participated in this workshop.