By reducing wastage significant reductions can be made on bills.
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We all want to pay less for out electricity consumption. With today’s economic situation paying high electricity bills is a difficult thing. but minimizing these bills is also in the hands of the consumer. By consuming electricity sparingly the consumer can not only save themselves a considerable sum of money but it is also a saving for the country. The Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka made these comments addressing a group of Sampath Bank employees at their headquarters recently on the conservation of Electricity.

By numerous ways of conserving energy and following methods of conservation there can be benefits not only to the power sector, but individually as well. This informative program was organized by the renewable energy authority on the instructions of the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka. This informative program targeting both Government and private sector employees was also held previously at the world trade center, Sri Lankan Catering, The Blood Bank and the Bank of Ceylon employees.

Addressing the workshop Minister Ranawaka said:

The time has come to convert to renewable energy sources and move away from traditional methods of power generation. He said that if the relevant authorities had taken the right decisions at the appropriate moments many of the problems faced today could have been avoided. He further said that in spite of all the problems faced by the power sector in this country Sri Lanka is the only country in the south Asian region to provide uninterrupted power supply 24 hours of the day. Even our closest neighbor India experiences 6-7 hour power interruptions daily. Therefore it is fair to say that Sri Lanka is a front runner in this region with regards to power supply.

Around 300 Sampath Bank Employees participated in this workshop.