The Charge of the Lion Brigade is a tribute to war heroes of this land.
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The honor of liberating this land from the cruel grasp of terrorism should solely be bestowed on our valiant soldiers. Most of us are ignorant of the many sacrifices and hardships they had to face in liberating this land. Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka at hte launch of his book, The charge of the Lion Brigade,  said that we should educate our future generations of the many sacrifices of life and limb made by our gallant soldiers to free our motherland from the clutches of terrorism.

This book was launched to commemorate the second anniversary of the defeating of terrorism which took place on the 19th of May 2011. This novel amply illustrates the many sacrifices made by our brave soldiers, who forged ahead destroying LTTE enclaves strategically, and the effort taken to ensure the innocent Tamil peoples economic and social wellbeing.

Delivering a speech on the foreign forces which are engaged in a malicious attack to belittle our war victory, said that this book is solely dedicated to the many brave soldiers who gave up so much to free this land.

This event which was held at the New Town Hall premises at Ananda Kumaraswami Mv, was well attended by prominent politicians, writers and many other distinguished personnel.