Minister of Power and Energy  shows the way to uplift the people through their efforts.
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Free CFL bulbs for the people of Kesbawa

In accordance With the vision of creating a Power conserving Sri Lanka, taking another step forward in the program being carried out by the Minister of Power and Energy, free CFL bulbs were distributed among the Samurdhi beneficiaries of the Kesbawa area under the patronage of the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka this morning (10.06.11) at the Municipality premises.

Upon the guidence of the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka,  utilizing 7 lakhs from the Western province fund by the Western Province Provincial Councillor Shaminda Silva low income families and disables persons living on government allowances were given these CFL bulbs free of charge.

Minister Ranawaka as the chief guest addressing the gathering said:

90% of households are now enjoying electricity supply. He said that his aim is to provide electricity to every household, temple,and school  by 2012. he said we must be aware of how to consume electricity without wastage. By conserving electricity not only does it benefit the individual by everyone as a whole. The era where electricity was cheap is long gone, therefore we must use it sparingly.

A leaflet on methods of conserving electricity is handed out to you all today. By everyone’s collective effort every part of the country can enjoy electricity supply by the end of 2011, where the bottle lamp can be forever replaced with an electric bulb.

Senior Minister A.H.m Fowzy, Western Province Provincial Council MP Shalinda Silva and several others participated in this event.