Measures to provide CFL bulbs to all Religious establishments island wide.
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First step begins today centered on the “Atamasthana”

The Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka l inaugurated a program today at the “Atamasthana”to provide CFL bulbs to all religious establishments in the country, in a bid to conserve energy.

Accordingly the Minister handed over a stock of CFL energy saving bulbs to Dr. Pallegama Siriniwasa thero and all relevant chief  incumbents of the Atamasthana. The minister further stated that in addition to the 25% rebate on electricity bills to all religious establishments in the country granted by his ministry this will be a further concession which the ministry has granted.

While a special “Pan Pooja” for the timely rains in the catchment areas was held yesterday, as another meritorious act for the timely arrival of rains a special milk boiling ceremony was held this morning at the auspicious time of 05.45 AM at the Sri Maha Bodiya by the minister. Concurrent to this sacred ritual a special alms giving was held for around 25 monks.

The Ministry of Power and Energy further stated that in addition to the Pooja’s held centered around the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya another special pooja is scheduled to be held at 6.00 pm this evening (07.07.2011) at the Historical Kandy Dalada Maligawa, seeking timely rains.