20% Power requirement will be obtained from Renewable Energy Sources by 2020
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The Ministry of power and energy currently operates under two goals. The first is to achieve the target of electricity coverage for the entire country by 2012. All mechanisms are currently in motion to achieve this goal. Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that the second goal is to meet at least 20% of the country’s total electricity requirement through renewable energy sources. The Minister made these comments addressing the media briefing held at the ministry auditorium this morning (09.08.11) in respect of the Vidulka Exhibition and Symposium.

This Vidulka Exhibition is organized annually by the Renewable Energy Authority, aims at showcasing the new inventions of those in various power sectors, providing them technical expertise, educating them on  energy conservation methods, , and in a bid to further encourage them awards will also be presented for  developing Renewable energy sources. Measures are in place to stage the “Vidulka” Energy exhibition and Symposium  from the 11th to the 14th of this month with the patronage of the Hon. Prime Minister.

Addressing the Media briefing Minister Ranawaka stated that the challenge he undertook to provide electricity for all by the year 2012 is currently materializing. Through the programs that are implemented all villages will be provided electricity. However there  are some treacherous areas that are not reachable to provide electricity through the normal channels, of about 5%. However for these areas we plan on providing them with solar power kits at concessionary rates  to obtain their power needs. Currently we obtain about 175 MW of power from small scale hydro power plants. We will increase this upto 500MW by 2020. We further plan to increase the wind power capacity from 30 MW to 90 MW by 2020. He further stated that they also plan to increase the power capacity obtained by Solar Power and bio fuel from the current 11.2 MW upto 150 MW by 2020.

Minister Ranawaka further stated that in about 40 years there will be a decline in crude oil resources. The Vidulka Exhibition gives one an ideal understanding of a would without crude oil resources. Furthermore by the end of this year there will be a decline in coal resources as well. He said that the intention of this exhibition is to educate the masses, especially school children on the environmental impact from thermal power sources and methods of reducing the damage caused to the environment as well as methods of power conservation.