Electricity is a basic human right. We will expedite electricity supply to the village through “Vidulamu Lanka”
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President Mahinda Rajapakse stated that electricity will be provided to the entire island by the year 2012. Today we are preparing to make that vision a reality. In the past electricity supply was a luxury. However today electricity is a basic necessity. Unlike in the past electricity is not only afforded to the Colombo 07 affluent class.  Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that the right to electricity will be afforded to all even those living  in the harshest of terrains. The Minister made these comments participating in the ceremony where two rural electrification projects in the Aranayaka Kalawagama area in the Kegalle district was vested on the public last Monday (2011.08.15). This project was built at a cost of Rs. 16.5 million and according to the ministry of power and energy it will benefit around 200 families.

The Minister addressing the gathering stated that in the past people retired for the day by 6 or 7 pm, however today the situation is quite different, things have changed drastically for the better. Today there are factories operating even in the rural areas, while electricity has become a vital tool for the progress of our future generation. The Ministry of Power and Energy stated that in its bid to provide electricity to all irrespective of their class or creed even those living in harsh terrain will be provided electricity through solar power kits on concessionary easy payment basis and also those who are financially in a difficult situation to obtain electricity.

Speaking further minister Rranawaka urged the consumers to use electricity sparingly domestically. He said when buying electrical appliances one must be cautious only to purchase what is required. Today there are many climatic changes resulting in drought, which in the past would have resulted in power cuts. However today due to the availability of thermal power there is no necessasity for power cute. Providing light is a noble act as Lord Buddha preached. In the past we had to study under the light of the bottle lamp, but today our children need not go through those hardships. Today when our children in rural areas become Doctors and Engineers it is not only a pride for their parents, but also to those who provided them the electricity to study freely.

The deputy minister of Health Lalith Dissanayake, together with many senior CEB officials participated in this event while the minister also vested in the public the electrification schemes in Malawita built at a cost of Rs. 54 million. This project is expected to provide electricity to around 100 families in the area.