Sri Lanka must face challenges to emerge as the Wonder of Asia
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Sri Lanka must face challenges to emerge as the Wonder of Asia
Addressing the 105th Annual Session of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka on the 21st of October at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Auditorium, BMICH Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that the country is currently on the path to recovery from terror and destruction endured in the past 30 years of war which ravaged the country.

He said that the high costs of crude oil and the climatic changes which has resulted in long spells of drought has adversely affected the power generating capabilities of the country. “However, continuous supply of power, to four and a half million consumers has been made possible with the use of thermal power generation” said the Minister adding that this is an extremely costly affair.

He further said that as a result of the adverse weather conditions not only is the power generation affected but also the farmers as their cultivation process is hampered due to the lack of rain, and also the fauna and flora of the country.
Minister Ranawaka went on to emphasize the importance of the Asian Region as an emerging power not only in its strategic location but also as economic entities. “China has already developed the Colombo port and has built the Hambantota Port, while building new ports in Chittagong and Myanmar will facilitate China to have a connecting sea link of Sudan, Iran, Middle East, Central Asia and Bay of Bengal and this strategic layout of ports, is aptly named “string of pearls” by the Chinese military” he said.
“Due to adverse effects of global warming, Himalayan and Antarctic ice caps are melting, while Typhoons, cyclones, earth quakes, and rising sea levels , tsunamis, and chaotic climate patterns are being experienced” said Minister Ranawaka. The region associated with the Indian Ocean has the world’s largest population. It constitutes significant cultural diversities and rich bio diversity.

In conclusion Minister Ranawaka said that even with the ever changing challenges of the world we as Sri Lankans have to Endeavour to face these challenges head on and emerge above them in our pursuit of making Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia.