Ministry of Power and Energy focuses’ on Solid waste power generation.
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The Ministry under the guidance of the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka, has taken measures to initiate several projects to generate electricity using solid waste in Colombo city and suburbs with immediate effect in a bid to make a considerable a contribution to the national grid with nontraditional renewable energy sources, by 2015. To reach this long-term objective the Ministry has also concentrated on small scale hydro power stations and exploiting the wind power.

This Project named “Jaiwa skanda” has commenced 38 projects utilizing solid waste, and is expected to produce 259 MW of power. Meanwhile 8 more projects are in the construction stage, while 3 projects are currently operational adding 12 MW to the National Grid.

According to the Power and Energy Ministry sources these bio mass projects are a relief to the major issue of garbage disposal in the Colombo city and the suburbs

The projects while contributing to prevent environmental pollution will help to bring down the unit cost of electricity generation too.