To commemorate and celebrate His Excellency the President’s Birthday Batticaloa receives many electric projects
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IN connection with His Excellency The President’s birthday and Presidency and looking forward through the mahinda chinthanaya to provide electricity to all, all the time was a made a reality. There are many electricity projects taking place around the country. Today Minister Ranawaka visited the east to establish a CEB service point to emphasize the prominence given to the east in relation to the electric projects. 3 more electricity projects have been vested on the people who have not yet received electricity Batticaloa district.

Under this 230 houses that were built at a cost of Rs. 15,556,760.00 will be provided with electricity and handed over to the people by the Minister in charge through the Koralepaththu North Amadanaveli project, Valaichcha Karuwakarni project and Valaichchana Manikapuram Projects in the Batticaloa district. The CEB has allocated funds for these projects through speedy rural electricity projects and rural electricity projects under No. 8.

Minister Ranawaka participating in the celebrations said:

As a government we should always think about the benefits to the people. That is why we have spent such a lot of money on providing you with electricity and you should understand and make efficient use of it. In the past electricity was a luxury but presently it is a commodity. This is why the CEB is not thinking of profits but giving preference to the service and it is upto the people to use it wisely and not put a burden on their purse not their country. During the past when the economic growth in the country was 8% the East recorded 20% growth. That was very good. But now it is upto you to make maximum of the electricity that is being provided and record a higher economic growth.

Presently highest amount of unlawful electricity usage is from the Northeast. However since they have been suffering under terrorist regime and now we are providing them with these services they also have to support the projects by not using electricity unlawfully but to work together with the CEB.

Many signatories including the Chief Minister for the East Mr. Sivanesathurai participated in the occasion