Solar Power to be added to National Grid by April.
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With the intention of increasing the electricity supply capacity in relation to the everincreasing demand, the Solar Power park at Buruthakanda in Hambantota has entered it’sfinal stage of construction  under the guidance of the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka with financial assistance from the Governments of Japan and Korea.

This Solar Power Park consists of two stages. While the second stage of construction of the Power plant is nearing completion, it is expected to add this solar generated Power to the National Grid by April. This Power Plant is constructed with financial assistance by the Korean Government. Through this 500 KW capacity Power Plant, an annual contribution of  0.7GW hrs will be added to the Nation Grid. According to our (Ministry Of Power and Energy) calculations, if we were to utilize fuel for this quantity of Power Generation, it isestimated that 171841 Lt. of fuel will be required releasing 391 metric tons of   carbondioxide into the atmosphere.  Already Solar batteries have been installed on 2 hectareswhile the civil operations are at their final stage.

While the Japanese Government is providing the Financial Assistance for the first stage of construction, it is expected to add 737 KW to the National Grid. Accordingly our Ministry anticipates an annual contribution of 1hr GW of power to the National Grid. If Fuel was to be used to generate the same capacity of power, we estimate that 262546 Lt of fuel will be required emanating 577 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide. With Solar Power this ill effect to the environment can be totally avoided. Meanwhile construction work of the first stage of the solar Power Plant will be completed before the end of September.

The Ministry of Power and Energy further added that under the guidance of our Minister, the focus has been on sustainable energy    sources. Thus the Buruthakanda Solar Power Park will no doubt be of immanence value to the goal of 100% electricity supply to the entire country by the year 2012.