Restoration of flood affected Electricity Connection Free of Charge.
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The Ministry of Power and Energy stated that due inclement weather, electricity connections to parts of the affected areas have been badly damaged. According to the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka  all damaged connections will be restored free of charge by the Ceylon Electricity Board.

The Ministry of Power and Energy stated that currently an assessment is being carried out on houses estimate the damage to power supply. Subsequently the cost of reconstruction will be assessed and instructions have been issued to restore electricity supply expeditiously. The Ministry further stated that due to floods transformers, power cable networks and posts were badly damaged, which has cost the CEB approximately Rs. 100 million in losses.

While the CEB has undertaken the task of restoring the damaged connections, The Power and Energy Ministry urged consumers to notify the Electrical Engineer’s office in their area, and assist in the task of restoration. Assistance could be obtained by calling 1987.