Conference held on utilizing isotopic technology for the Prevention of marine pollution
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Conference held on utilizing isotopic technology for the  Prevention of marine pollution
A conference to educate Scientists, Managers, researchers and high ranking government officials on the possibility of utilizing isotopic technology for the management of Marine  pollution was held recently at the Atomic Energy Authority in Wallampitiya.
This conference which was conducted jointly with the Marine Pollution Prevention Authority was conducted by a specialist from the International Atomic Energy Agency Dr. Rifat Kureshi.
While marine pollution is fast spreading it has proved extremely difficult to prevent the destruction. The seas are severely polluted by the dumping of domestic, industrial, and agricultural waste, through oil from ships and gasses such as nitrogen, phosphorus, carbonic compounds and carbon dioxide.
Addressing the conference Kureshi stated that by these waste material polluting the oceans, marine life as well as marine eco systems are being destroyed, while some species are facing the threat of extinction.   He also stated that even humans can be affected due to various chemicals entering the human body through the consumption of marine resources, adding that humans can contract various forms of illnesses. Furthermore by the pollution of the oceans, the tourism industry can also be affected, thus having a negative impact on the country’s economy as well.
Dr. Kureshi further added that therefore it is most essential to prevent marine pollution by educating the public and relevant authorities on the use of isotopic technology for the prevention of marine pollution.
Concurrent to this conference a practical workshop was also held  on Wednesday in the coastal stretch of Panadura and Wadduwa for officials of the Atomic Energy Authority and the Marine Pollution Prevention Authority, on the method of collecting samples for the successful measuring of marine pollution.
Meanwhile the Atomic Energy Authority stated that measures have been taken with the assistance of the Kelaniya University to design the required equipment needed for the testing of these samples.