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The Ceylon Electricity Board stated that due to tampering of Electricity metres and usage of devices such as hooks have resulted in the CEB incurring a massive loss of revenue.

Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka has given strict instructions to firmly implement these raids carried out island wide to bring to book those illegally preventing the Minstry from obtaining funds due to them.

While over the past six months the ministry has been successful in identifying 5451 cases of illegal power tapping, and through these incidents a sum exceeding Rs. 43 million has been recovered through court fines. It has also been accounted that while the CEB should obtain a total sum of over Rs. 101 million, the loss to the CEB has been calculated as Rs. 43 million.

According to the Ministry of Power and Energy During these sudden raids it has been discovered that there were 52 cases where people had used hooks to obtain electricity illegally, while 23 cases of tampering with electricity meters were reported to obtain electricity illegally.

Meanwhile the Minister of Power and Energy has issued strict instructions to disconnect the electricity supply of consumers who fail to pay their electricity bills on time.