“Struggle is a Human Right  “It has no impact on Power Supply”
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Says Minister Patali Champika at the ceremony held to lay the foundation stone for Vidulakpaya.

“Electricity and water are basic human rights. The government is obliged to ensure an uninterrupted service of such facilities. Struggle is a Human right. We are unable to combat them. Presently, many media publish news on upcoming power cut provoking the general public. ¬†They are not true at all. At any cost we will not go for a power cut” he further assured. He revealed these facts at the ceremony held to lay the foundation stone for Vidulakpaya, the new CEB Head Office complex. This building with an area of approximately 236000 sq ft is constructed on a 2 acre land. This is a 10 storyed building complex which has two buildings and its estimated cost is approximately Rs.1600 million. This building complex has parking facilities for 150 vehicles and the office complex is environmentally friendly. A day care centre, conference hall with 400 seats and many more facilities are available in this building complex.

Minister Ranawaka Today (19.01.2012), addressing the gatherings on this occasion held in the auspicious time at 9.35 a.m to lay the foundation stone for the Vidulakpaya at E.D. Dabare Mawatha, Narahenpita ….

“After HE the President came into power in 2005, he made several significant changes in the government sector. In the meantime, the electricity sector too was improved a lot. No investments had been made in the electricity sector from the year 1990. However, HE the president made vast amount of investment filling the long awaited gap of investments. The Puttalam Coal Power project which was just a proposal in 1990s was constructed. The Kotmale Power plant which was yet another proposal from 1968 too was completed. We constructed the LNG power plant at Kerawalapitiya. We have initiated to implement many projects with a cost of over Rs 100 million to make the electricity for all a reality. This way the government has been able to inspire the electricity sector a lot. We have planned to construct Vidulakpaya with the aspiration of providing efficient, reliable and continuous power supply. We hope to make Narahenpita an Energy Centre after completing the constructions by 2013.

We will have to face many challenges in the future. One of them is the increase in oil prices. The next challenge is the environment impacts. We have a major responsibility to formulate a system which sustainable to whether and climatic changes. In order to achieve this goal, we need the cooperation of all the CEB employees. We increased the salary of CEB employees by 23% in 2006, by 22% in 2009 and again by 25% in 2012. We have authorised the Board of Directors of the CEB to look into if there is any further anomaly in the CEB.  We will not be unfair on CEB employees as well as consumers. We will not violate any human rights despites the political or whatever pressure to come.

Deputy Chairman Anura Weerasekara, General Manager Nihal Wickramasuriya and Mr. Mahanama, Dean, Faculty of Architecture- Univesity of Moratwa and a large number of Senior CEB Officials attended this occasion.