Renewable Energy Authority Website launched.
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The Renewable Energy Authority an affiliated company of the Ministry of Power and Energy launched its website on 21 February, under the patronage of the minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The national energy programs implemented within the country complete with information and photos will be published on this website. This website will also contain information pertaining to the CEB, LECO, CPC, Central Bank, private power and energy producers, researchers, business community and the general public. They can obtain information and also get a better understanding on how information is being processed, the annual energy consumption on

Addressing the gathering the minister said it is vital to be informed regarding the latest developments in the power and energy field. If we are to have uninterrupted power supply by 2050, we should focus our attention on renewable energy sources. He said that if not by 2020 a unit of energy will escalate to about Rs. 60.

The minister further stated that with the escalation of fuel prices, he had pledged to reduce his energy cost by 10%, setting an example for his entire ministry to follow suit and reduce their energy costs by 10%.

Among those who participated in this event was the Chairman of the Renewable Energy Authority, Director General, senior advisor Professor K.K.Y.W Perera, together with many businessmen and researchers.