School power and energy societies will be an ideal solution to the power crisis as well as environmental pollution crisis.
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  • Student assistance for energy conservation
  • Measures to establish 96 power and energy societies island wide

In a bid to seek solutions for the power crisis in the country, a decision was taken to direct  the student population toward power management. In the next 40 years the country will face enormous energy crisis. Furthermore due to the use of Diesel and coal being used for the generation of power which contributes to environmental pollution. However with the setting up of power and energy societies in schools, solutions could be initiated, said the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka.

Minister Ranawaka in his constant endeavor to enlist the participation of the youth of the country in the preservation of power and energy, made these allocations for the setting up of school energy conservations societies with the assistance of the ministry of education. The presentation of funds to the relevant associations took place yesterday under the patronage of minister Ranawaka and Minister of education Bandula Gunawardane.

Addressing the gathering at the BMICH the minister said that through enlisting students in the power and energy preservation they could contribute immensely in energy preservation in their schools as well as at their homes. At the presentation ceremony each school was granted Rs. 25,000.00 for each school.

The minister further stated that oil reserves will exhaust by 2052, while gas will exhaust in around 60 years, and coal in 80. Currently factories in Tamil Nadu close for 2 days a week , in Chennai power supply is curtailed  between 8 -16 hours. It is the same in Japan. However even if we are a small country we still enjoy 24 hour uninterrupted power supply. Therefore we need to get used to proper power conservation methods. During the peak hours of between 6.30 – 9.30 pm  if we strive to reduce our power consumption, this will not be a difficult task to achieve.

The power and energy societies program established during the Vidulka energy week has developed considerably with 40 such societies  already initiated. Meanwhile under the purview of the minister of power and energy the sustainable energy authority has initiated 96 power and energy societies in education zones island wide.