Another E city opens in Gampola for the convenience of consumers.
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The Ceylon Electricity Board is a public company that provides an immense service to the people. However the most important point is that the CEP functions on public funds. Therefore the minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka said that since the CEB functions on public funds we must provide the people a friendly and courteous service. The minister  made these comments at the opening of the E city office in the Gampola town.

Speaking further the minister said that the public come to our offices in order to find solutions for their power related problems. Therefore he said that we must always Endeavour to provide them instantaneous solutions to their problems, or attempt to resolve them. Depending on our  courteous service the public will begin to have faith in us. We must also learn to look at problems and adversities in a more optimistic manner. This way it is easier to resolve any issue.

In comparison to other organizations the CEB employees enjoy higher wage structures, hence we have provided them job satisfaction. Even the lowest grade employee of the CEB receives a minimum salary of Rs. 18,000. Providing light is like granting a person eyesight, therefore we must treat the consumers well and carry out our responsibility and duty to the best of our ability.

In around another 40 years, that’s in 2052 the oil reserves will exhaust, while gas will exhaust in around 60 years, and coal in 80 years. Therefore it is justified to say that we will face a severe power crisis in the future. Tamil Nadu in India closes their factories for two days a week. In Chennai power is curtailed for 08 to 16 hours, while in Japan it’s the same. However it is with pride that I say that in spite of minor breakdowns we provide power 24 hours a day.

Therefore in order to protect this status, we need to manage our power consumption in a systematic manner. We are still the only country in Asia that provides round the clock electricity supply. Therefore I sincerely urge all consumers to curtail the usage of power during the peak hours of between 06.30 Pm to 09.30, which will assist in the preservation of power.

Many politicians and residents of the area attended this function.