Concession?s on electricit?y bills for power savers
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A special program was launched on 01 April, in line with thepower conservation drive ‘Today for tomorrow’ under the purview of  the ministry of power and energy, where over4.6 million consumers could win concessions on their electricity bills.

Consumers, who show a reduction of 20% in their electricitybills in comparison to the March 2012 bill, will gain full exemption of thatmonth’s electricity bill. Those consumers who show a reduction of 10% of theirelectricity bill could enjoy  50%  off their electricity bills. All electricityconsumers are eligible to register for this scheme. Consumers must show areduction in their April, May or June bills in order to receive theconcessions, or total exemption of the month’s electricity bill.

Accordingly 1000 consumers who show a 20% reduction in theirelectricity bills will have a month’s electricity bill written off by eitherCEB or LECO. Similarly 5000 consumers who show a 10% reduction in theirelectricity bills will receive a 50% reduction on a month’s electricity bill.

Registration for this concession scheme commenced on 01April, while those interested could register by SMS. For CEB consumers type Lspace the ten digit account number and send to 0114 338338. For LECO consumerstype esc space ten digit LECO account number and send to 0714 643643.

All details pertaining to this competition will be madeavailable through the print media from 01 April, while from 02 April electronicmedia too will publish details of the competition. However further informationcould also be obtained from CEB or LECO electrical engineers office.Furthermore details pertaining to this competition could also be obtained ontelephone numbers 1901, 1987 or 1910.