Ministry of Power and Energy sets example by reducing electricity consumption by 13%.
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Believing in the theory of example rather than advice, the ministry of power and energy have managed to reduce their electricity consumption by 13% for the month of March in relation to January under the ‘Today for Tomorrow’ energy conservation drive.

Parallel to the increase in fuel prices in the world market, the public utilities commission had slapped a fuel surcharge to the monthly electricity bills. The ministry of power and energy too expected their power bills to increase accordingly. However the minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka instructed his ministry to strictly adhere to power conservation measures in order to avoid having to incur heavy electricity bills, and reduce their consumption by at least 10%.

In keeping with this drive the ministry refrained from using the air conditioners until 10.00 am, while the AC’s were switched off again by 03.00 pm daily. In addition lights that were not vital for the smooth functioning of the staff were also switched off, while the curtains and windows were kept open to minimize power usage. Hence the ministry has been successful in reducing their March electricity bill to 15,347 units in comparison to the January bill of 17,694 units. Therefore they have been able to reduce their electricity consumption by 2347 units, which is a commendable achievement, said the minister.

The ministry further pointed out that they will continue this national endeavor to render continuous assistance for the future developments of the country.

The ministry of power and energy accounts details also indicate that all fuel usage of the officials attached to the ministry have also been reduced in comparison to January consumption.