The National program on educating public servants on energy conservation commences.
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Recognizing the importance of energy conservation in government establishments a special program was launched at the presidential secretariat  on 11 May jointly organized by the ministry of power and energy and the presidential secretariat, under the patronage of minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka. This program was also attended by the secretary to the president Lalith Weeratunge and the secretary to the ministry of power and energy M.M.C Fernando.

Addressing the gathering the minister said that  we have seen vast development in the power and energy sector. “We have been able to become the only country in this region that provides electricity round the clock. All mechanisms are in place to fulfill the goal of providing electricity to all by the end of the year. Currently  84% of electricity is currently generated through thermal power. Hence the rise in electricity tariffs is unavoidable. However we can still reduce our electricity bills by proper methods of energy conservation. We have already commenced several energy conservation programs targeting schools the private sector and the government sector. It is not a difficult task to meet the current demand for power if we all unite and commit to this cause. Currently 20 million people use mobile phones. If all these people commit to conserving energy we can save a colossal 200 million watt hours of power, which is an achievable task,” he said.

The current world population stands at seven billion. “With the ever increasing population, it is evident that we will be facing a power crisis in the future. Therefore it is vital that we recognize this necessity and work accordingly to conserve energy,” he added.

Concurrent to this power conservation program a special circular signed by the presidents secretary Lalith Weeratunge on power conservation was also issued. Accordingly in the future it will be made mandatory for all government establishments to appoint an official for power conservation management. He will be entrusted with the task of implementing energy conservation strategies as well as reducing the electricity bills by 10% in comparison to the previous month. The sustainable energy authority has been entrusted the duty of assisting this process by the ministry of power and energy. Each year these appointed officials who prove their efficiency will be chosen and awards will be presented at the Vidulka power awards ceremony. Weeratunge also added that the only way we can address the power crisis is through collective energy conservation methods and practices.