The ministry of Power and Energy spend Rs. One million for the renovation of Girihandu seya
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The Girihanduseya Pagoda considered being the oldest in the country dating back to Buddha Warsha 2600 was a sacred site which had been neglected for the past 27 years due to the war. However the minister of power and energy spent over a million rupees to renovate this sacred site and illuminate it for Poson on 03 June.

This ancient pagoda was in the clutches of the LTTE for around 17 years from 1985. Having come under enemy fire in 2002 the pagoda was badly damaged. However under the protection of the Army and the Navy some parts of the pagoda has been saved from destruction. With the intention of restoring it to its former glory the ministry of power and energy has managed to renovate the pagoda to a state where devotees could visit and pay homage.

Meanwhile with the aim of providing electricity to all by the year 2012 under the Mahinda Chinthanaya initiative, minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka has initiated several electricity projects. Hence under the eastern reawakening initiate several electricity projects have commenced in Amparai, Trincomalee and Batticalore districts.

Therefore the Gomarankadawala Wilpanakulama project benefiting 57 families at an investment of Rs. 5.6 million and Wehera wewa electricity project covering 95 families and a further Rs. 3.5 million was vested on the people by minister Ranawaka on 03 June.

Addressing the gathering the minister said that cast creed or religion are not considered in these development projects. He said that the people who had suffered so much during the war are now reaping the benefits of development projects in the North and East.

He further stated that Rs. 330 million has been invested for the provision of electricity to 3423 families in the Trincomalee district for 31 projects.

Deputy minister of fisheries Susantha Punchinilame, Eastern provincial councilor Priyantha Pathirana together with a large gathering were present on this occasion.

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