LECO staff take to the streets to educate the public on energy conservation
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Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka joins in educating the general public on energy conservation opposite the Fort railway station. Further such programs have been planned for 33 other cities island wide.

This year’s theme for world environmental day was green economy. Therefore the power and energy conservation drive has implemented several programs toward creating environmentally friendly methods of power generation. Hence it is vital that Sri Lanka turn to renewable energy sources in order to safeguard the environment and focus on future every requirements.
With the aim of educating the general public on energy conservation, over 2000 employees took to the streets on 06 June between 12.00 noon and 01.00 pm to distribute leaflets with power saving advice. This initiative commenced opposite the Fort Railway station, with the participation of over 200 officials of the Lanka Electric Company (LECO). Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka too joined in this initiative by distributing leaflets in busses.

Expressing his views during the leaflet campaign the minister said that with development in the world there is a marked increase in the use of fossil fuels worldwide. However he added that there is only one solution for this problem, that is to conserve power domestically as well as industrially. The theme chosen for the world environmental day has indicated to us the need to conserve energy in order to save the environment. Sri Lanka is a country that is fast heading toward development, hence through the conservation of energy we should avail the future generations the opportunity of benefiting from these developmental achievements. The minister further added that while initially this power conservation drive has only targeted 33 cities, all other towns and villages too will be targeted in the near future.