CEB will not be sold to Vultures for petty financial gain.
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  • The CEB and Chinese engineers unite as a team in order to establish a more stable power station.
  • In the face of global power crisis, Sri Lanka is stable, and measures will be taken to sustain that stability in the future.

The previous government’s did nothing for the advancement of the power and energy sector of the country from 1990 to 2004. Even when plans were drawn for the implementation of coal power stations, they were sabotaged by staging protests. Even the cabinet approvals in that regard were cancelled. These are the people who are now voicing their openions about the power and energy sector in this country, said the minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka.

When the decision was made to construct the Norochcholai power station in 2005, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) was also in the cabinet, and it was with their approval that the decision to construct this power station was taken, said the minister.

The minister raised the question as to how the JVP are now questioning the very project that they were also part of approving. The minister stated that the present government has acted in a more responsible manner in all investments made in the power and energy sector, and instead of allowing the vultures destroy the country’s resources many wise investments have been made. He stated that due to the far thinking strategies of the government and the power and energy sector, 1.9 million electricity consumers have been convinced into contributing to the power conservation effort of the country.

The minister made these comments during a press conference held yesterday (12) at the ministry auditorium.

The minister admitting that a problem had arisen at the Lakwijaya power station on 08 August said that however they did not allow that issue to affect the industrial sector, nor the students facing the Advanced Level examinations. He said that the Lakwijaya power station was back in operation by 07 September.

He pointed out that breakdowns were inevitable in any power generating facility. However the effect of the issue was mostly felt due to the dwindling hydro power generation capacity, which was the result of the failed consecutive monsoons. This situation arose for the first time in history. Even though many question us as to why we cannot follow the same actions as in 1996. The factor that many fail to see is that at the time the energy demand was just ¼ of what it is today. However at the time we experienced 7 hour power cuts, and in addition power was obtained from external sources for higher rates, which also has contributed to the current crisis.

However the minister pointed out that instead of curtailing the supply of electricity, the current administration developed the strategy of encouraging the people toward power conservation. Concurrent to the May, June and July today for tomorrow energy conservation drive, 1.9 million out of the total 4.2 million electricity consumers have contributed toward energy conservation. This is an excellent example of the collective effort of the people and the power sector. By the conservation of energy we have managed to save 84 GWH of electricity and also saved a colossal Rs. 4.33 billion. Therefore we should all unite in continuing this power conservation effort.

The deputy chairman of CIMEC, the Chinese company involved in the construction of Lakwijaya, Lee Chang and the project manager Wang Lu Dong also participated in the press briefing.

Addressing the press the deputy chairman of CIMEC Lee Chang stated that in the face of any problem related to the power plant the Chinese and CEB engineers will work together in resolving the issues. He also expressed belief that his company will be able to rectify all shortcomings and establish a reliable and stable power generating facility.