1.9 million consumers contribute to power saving  endeavor.
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“If we were not able to save electricity, we would have been compelled to buy it from private suppliers for billions of rupees. The people who conserved electricity and thereby helped the country should be highly commended. They are setting good examples for future generations and help to develop the country,” said Minister Ranawaka .

He also said development of renewable energy will be a key area of the ministry. Long term power generation plans will incorporate renewable energy, with the active participation of the private sector, as a key component. Also according to the Ministry website, the possibility to use nuclear energy is also among the agendas of the ministry. As a result, the Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka is currently conducting a Pre-feasibility study aimed at developing nuclear energy as an option.

Nearly 84 giga-watts ( GW) of electricity have been conserved within the last three months due to the careful usage of electricity,” Power and Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka said attending a ceremony on Tuesday.  According to the ministry, out of 4.2 million consumers, 1.9 million consumers are using electricity wisely.