The government is taking all measures to protect and further develop the free education system of the country
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 In comparison to other countries, We are at a higher level in literacy, life expectancy and  female representation.

On a special request made by minister Champika Ranawaka, the Korean government has volunteered to develop the schools in the Ratmalana area into model schools. The inauguration ceremony of this initiative was held at the Mount Lavinia Science Collage on Tuesday (11). The chief guest at this ceremony was the Korean ambassador in Sri Lanka Choi Jong Moon. The ambassador donated sports equipment and solar power lamps to the school. Education and skills development monitoring minister Mohan Lal Grero was also present at this ceremony. This was the first instance in the 25 year history of the science collage that an ambassador had visited the school. The principle of the school handed over a development project report of the school to the visiting ambassador.

Addressing the gathering minister Ranawaka said that today our country is making great strides in the academic field. In the past only those of the affluent class had the privilege of education. However no matter what people’s perceptions or opinions are, the country had reached these greats heights solely due to the free education system. Therefore all governments should endeavour to develop education further. Korea used to be a very backward country in many areas. Around 1950 to 60 Korea’s   personal income was 1/3rd of Sri Lanka’s. However today it is twelve times more than ours. Today the industries in Korea are booming, and our youth are lining up seeking employment there. Hence we can learn so much from that country in the way they have achieved prosperity.

However the minister pointed out that in spite of the massive technical development taking place, Korea only had around 15% of land for cultivation purposes. In that sense Sri Lanka is in a much stronger position, added the minister.

Therefore we should all unite and safeguard the free education system, so that even the children from rural areas can  benefit from it and take Sri Lanka to greater heights internationally.