Measures to establish two power stations in Trincomalee
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01. 8 electrification projects opened concurrent to the Eastern province tour

02. Measures to turn Trincomalee into the island’s 4th industrial area

03. A deputy general manager’s office established for the consumers in Trincomalee

04. A consumer services centre and electrical engineers office

Minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka during his Eastern province inspection tour declared open eight electrification projects for the benefit of the people in the areas of Padavi Sri pura, Gomarankadawela, Morawewa, Kanthale, Seruwila,  and Thambalagamuwa. These eight  electrification projects which were declared open last Monday and Tuesday, built at a cost of Rs. 63.9 million will benefit 775 families.

Concurrent to the tour the minister also participated in the mobile electricity service yesterday (04.09.12) at the Kanthale Agrabodhi Vidyalaya. Addressing the gathering the minister said that the government after having freed the people from the clutches of terrorism, is in the process of creating a better life for the people by providing all infrastructure facilities.

He added that the Trincomalee district has reached 80% electrification at present. He pledged that by the end of the year the balance 20% would also be achieved. He also promised the people that two major electrification projects will be initiated in the Trincomalee district in the near future. The minister said that the people of these areas had suffered for many years due to the scourge of terrorism, but the people can now look forward to a better future, where Trincomalee will be developed into the country’s fourth industrial zone.

“Initially plans were afoot to provide electricity coverage to the entire country by the year 2017, however we expedited the program enabling the task to be accomplished by the end of this year. It costs the government several lakhs to provide electricity to every single household. However we only charge the consumer a very minimal amount while relaxing the obstacles that earlier prevented many from obtaining electricity connections.  Through the Samurdi loan scheme people who were unable to afford electricity connections have been afforded that opportunity by providing them Rs. 30,000 in loans. Furthermore the rules have also been relaxed, where people can obtain an electricity connection only after a year of establishing their residency,” added minister Ranawaka.

He also pointed out that currently we are faced with temporary electricity related problems due to the changing weather patterns. “Therefore we appeal to the general public to assist in the national energy conservation drive and be the recipients of uninterrupted electricity supply. Electricity is an integral part of the people’s lives. It is therefore the aim of the government to provide electricity to the rural areas and enable these rural children to reach greater goals, such as realising their dreams of becoming doctors, engineers etc, and enriching the villages. It is then that we can reap the benefits of our labour,” he said.

However the minister pointed out that just because the people have received electricity supply, they should not try to live beyond their means. Hence he advised them to choose their electrical appliances in keeping with their requirements. He said that the whole purpose in bringing electricity to the rural areas was to enable the youth of the areas to commence self employment endeavours, that will enhance their financial stability and quality of life. The minister advised the youth to utilise the electricity to further develop their small grocery shop, mechanise their saw mills etc.

The minister said that by engaging in self employment opportunities, the rural youth need not run behind politicians with the begging bowl, to obtain government jobs. The people have two choices, one being the way to the grave amid blood and tears, and the other is the road to success and prosperity. It is the choice of the people to choose their own destiny, added the minister.

Several politicians and a large gathering of residents of these areas also participated in this occasion.