Only 20 more electrification projects needed to complete electrification in the Ampare district.
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The current level of electrification in the Ampare district is at 90%

  • Within a period of two days, eight electrification projects and six power extentions have been installed in the Ampare, Damana, Maha oya and Padiyathalawa areas in the Ampare district, for the benefit of 1341 families, at a cost of Rs. 156 million.

Addressing the gathering at the commissioning of these electrification projects Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka said that the people of Ampare should decide if they will join the government in its development drive, based on the provision of electricity and water supply to the region, or instead choose the destructive  path filled with  blood, tears and terror.

Concurrent to the development projects in progress in the North central areas, there are many electrification projects being initiated too. With the intention of providing electricity to 1341 families in the areas of Ampare, Damana, Mahaoya and Padiyathalawa, who had endured severe hardships during the three decade long war, eight electrification projects were initiated at a cost of Rs. 156 million on 26 and 27 August. The minister of Power and Energy further pointed out that by receiving electricity the people of these areas will be able to carry on their future development activities and enhance the quality of their  lives further.

The minister further stated that it has become the practice of many political parties such as the United National Party, The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, the Muslim Congress and many other parties, to visit the area during elections and condemn the government. They are only attempting to plunge the people of the Ampare district into the doldrums of poverty, while they enjoy a luxurious life in Colombo. There are others who are trying to drag the country back to the  dark past.

Therefore the minister urged the people of the Ampare district to use their vote wisely as it is the people that can decide if the country is to develop and prosper or go back to the dark ages of war and destruction.